8 Benefits of Taking a Computer Free Vacation

8 Reasons Not to Feel Guilty About Not Checking Your Email While on Vacation

1) You detoxify your system from all the anxiety of the daily grind. A vacation from work we are told is necessary to help us maintain a high productivity level. Many of us sometimes carry our work with us on our vacations. We check the email everyday. In addition many of us spend the time on social websites and so instead of feeling relaxed when we get back we immediately loose all the feel good feeling we had on vacation. It’s like it never happened. We are uptight from the first day back at work.

2) You get much needed exposure to sunlight, fresh air, outdoor exercises and our natural coded way of existence that the body critically needs if it is going to be able to handle the long hours of unnatural existence you expose it to at work coped up in closed window office buildings in front of a computer.

3) It enables you really listen to your family and get your humanity back. Working with a machine for long hours gets us conditioned to a no human contact environment which If we do not unwind from at intervals could make human relationships very difficult to handle as we are not in control all the time unlike a total control situation when working with the computer. A down time allows us to get back in touch with our humanity

4) Detoxification of the body from artificial electromagnetic fields that have accumulated over time before we are able to go on vacation. It may take up to 4 weeks or more into the vacation before the fog created by these toxic fields clear

5) You avoid learning about the bad news and the anxiety and stress that come with that.

6) You unwind from the stress of deadlines and the accompanying unhealthy long hours of computer use without a break. This will enable your immune system to get a much-needed break from overwork so it can rebuild itself. Our stressful work environment overstretches our immune system’s ability to cope and is partly responsible for many of the health issues we face as employers and employees.

7) It makes your work team stronger and helps them realize the many things they can handle but did not know they could because you did it all. It is a good training tool for those who work with you. It lets them know you can trust them, which in turn empowers. Them

8) You are not indispensable. The world will not crash if you are out of touch for a few weeks. It might actually grow stronger without your micro managing it. You will not be at the same job forever. Taking a break allows you to clear your head and begin to think of when you may need to move on so you can plan for it and it does not hit you by surprise.

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Let me have your comments. I do welcome comments and new ideas. Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful computer free vacation.


Adetutu Ijose


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