Is human experimentation science mass murder in disguise

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A lot of today’s science involves introducing humans and animals to environments, foods, chemicals and so on contrary to the way it is coded in nature. It is like giving some humans other humans and animals to use as disposable toys during the experimental stage and when the products and environments are made final, these scientists and manufacturers who profit from mass production expand their list of victims to include everyone.

This means humans have collectively decided that life is not important and all that is important is money even it means deliberately killing oneself and others in the process. This means we have a world of sick humans who are all mentally challenged. This is a brutally honest assessment of the current nature of things and why it is virtually impossible to be totally healthy in today’s world without a big struggle. We are all involved in murdering others making life a continual mental challenge where no one can handle the truth anymore. We hide behind………………….

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Adetutu Ijose


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