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Let us tell you About Us:

Our Mission is to help YOU get daily healing 




Company history

We are a company involved in bringing awareness to the greatly ignored and little known number 1 healthcare issue for the 21st century – Computer Use Induced Health Conditions.

This issue is silently destroying lives and careers all over the world as all computer users are affected to varying degrees.

Our computer use dependent world means many of the ailments we are attributing to other sources may actually have their roots in our computer use.

Economic factors and the biochemical and nutrient depleting consequences of computer use has lulled many into disputing the obvious health consequences of computer use that they and others around them are suffering.

We are committed to providing everyday answers to health issues the natural way we were designed and created to heal. These solutions have no side effects. What a blessing.

Computer use induced health conditions are real. To learn more about us, our products and services and why we view this issue with so much passion , please visit all the pages on this website especially the book gallery, the my story page and so on.

What is happening in today’s world is really frightening, help us to help you. Learn more about us and let us help you an all you love.




Customer testimonials A Pastor who is also a doctor who bought all 3 recipes has this to say”If you want to be healthy and or stay healthy by these recipes”Dr. Dokun Adewunmi, Archdeacon, All Saints Church, Lanham, Maryland