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There is a women’s online magazine that I wrote articles for on a monthly basis. I wrote monthly articles from November 2009 to sometime in 2010 about the effect of computer use on women’s health. Here are some of them. The articles no longer seem to be available at the magazine’s website

a) Beets and Molasses news for fibroids sufferers

This is my article on this issue first posted on powerwoman Magazine an online women’s magazine in December 2009.

 “As a result of the high artificial estrogen exposure involved in computer use, women computer users are most likely prone to developing fibroids. It is therefore important for us to do all we can to be proactive about this issue.

Beet roots are noted for their ability to improve liver function and consequently the elimination of waste and its associated toxins and excess estrogen from the system. Since fibroids have been linked to excess estrogen, it follows that anything that improves liver function will be good for shrinking fibroids and improve women’s health.

I recently came across is some information found about Beet roots, Molasses and Fibroids available at . The full article is available in the journal of Ethnopharmacology 92 (2004) 227-339. It is available online at

The article is about the treatment of fibroids using beets and molasses as a herbal therapy by Dominican healers in New York City. Apparently Columbia University has been doing some work with the healers on this treatment method.

From the articles it seems that taking freshly juiced beets and adding molasses inhibits the growth of fibroids and shrinks even large fibroids. The article says this is the method used in Dominican Republic to shrink fibroids.

I had been taking beets mainly for its iron, fiber content and also because of its ability to improve liver function.

Liver function is very important to all computer users and more so for woman as the liver is the organ that eliminates toxins including excess estrogen that many people believe is responsible for fibroid growth.

When I learned about the fibroid shrinking effect of the powerful combination of beets and molasses, I was very interested as one of the effects of my computer use on me has been fibroid growth. I had been taking a spoonful of molasses daily as part of my fibroid shrinking regimen with considerable result. Adding beets has increased the effectiveness of my molasses intake.

I take my mixture just before my breakfast. I blend one small to mid sized beet and add one spoonful or more of organic molasses to it. For those of us who use the computer avoiding toxins by eating organic would be advisable.

Additional benefits of taking beet roots would be the carotenoids in them that the body can easily convert to vitamin A for your eye health. Carotenoids are also believed to inhibit fibroid growth. There is a suggestion in the article I cited earlier that the color and shape of beets might also be involved in the effectiveness of beets as it has been found from research that the color and shape of plants in many cases indicate their uses. Hence fact that the color and shape of beets resemble that of fibroids may suggest their use in shrinking and eliminating them.

In addition, I understand from several articles that beet root and molasses are neither estrogenic or progesteronic and help in balancing the estrogen: progesterone balance in the body.

Please note that while beet root is neutral, bet leaves are estrogenic. It is only the root that is used for shrinking or avoiding fibroids.

As with most other natural remedies, results may take some time to fully appear, therefore be patient.

I take both the mixture and use molasses instead of sugar with my cereal and I also sauté beets often “.

b) Water, Skin Hydration and Computer use: 

First posted on powerwomen’s magazine in January 2010

Water is an essential component of our physical structure and in fact the brain has a huge chunk of its composition being water. Indeed the electrical currents that pass through the brain and that produce the energy for its function need water to pass through much like hydro electric power is generated.

Consequently, the issue of dehydration as a result of computer use is an important factor that affects our brain function and consequently various aspects of our health. As women, many of us get dehydrated very easily and carry our bottles of water with us wherever we go. We seem to feel dehydration faster than men or maybe they are not as aware of their bodies and when it hurts as we are.

Just as the light of the sun dehydrates us and we feel thirsty when walking on a sunny day so it is when we are in front of the computer. Our skin and various receptors in them and the air around us become dehydrated. More so as most of us work in offices without window or if they have windows they are kept permanently shut. One area I have found that becomes very heavily affected is the skin at the sides of the eyes resulting in dry eyes from the drying of the muscles and the glands responsible for watering our eyes with tears i.e. the tear ducts.

The moisturizers we women apply on our skin before makeup is good but not enough in addition, they contain several chemicals that may react with the chemicals in the computer monitor light to dehydrate our skin.

Lying on one’s back periodically during the day with wet cotton balls placed on the eyelid and washing the face at least twice a day helps in keeping the skin around the eyes hydrated resulting in less dry eyes. I recently came across a more effective way in the spraying of PH balanced water from which several chemicals and minerals have been removed. I find the skin is able to absorb that more easily and it is much more effective in reducing dry eyes. For people who work in offices, this is a big help as it is unlikely one will be able to find anywhere in the office to lie down and do the wet cotton balls option. I discovered this PH balanced water alternative when someone sent me some bottles of such water called Natures mist by Bio Logic Aqua Technologies to help me in moisturizing my skin. I decided to give it a try instead as an aid for reducing dry eyes and found that it worked just fine. It is available on their website You may want to give this product or any other one with similar composition a try.

A second thing to do is to crack open the window and let the fresh air in. These two things complement each other and both need to be in place for maximum benefit. This may be something to discuss with your boss at the next meeting.

A) Yahoo voices (Yahoo contributor network) articles

Yahoo Voices has been closed down and consequently all articles reverted back to authors.

Therefore all my articles previously with yahoo voices will now be made available as blogs on this website. This process will take a few weeks so bear with us and check the blog page to see if the article you want has been posted.

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