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If you are a computer user, The information you receive on this page and by going to our Book Gallery could save you from situations in your life you may or may not know about. Please read on.This page has been set up to provide answers to their health question which I learned the hard way.

I will prepare you for what you are about too read and learn by giving you a list of resources available to help you address the various issues

1) Book Gallery of my 15 books published to date on the various aspects of the health issues inherent in computer use

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7) My first book titled – Lessons I Learned the Hard Way (see below) is a health guide book for all computer users. I have subsequently written 14 other books on the various health issues computer users face to help us all. Scroll down to see the list and visit our BOOK GALLERY to purchase a copy or look at the cover images.

In today’s world, the computer is indispensible. Contrary however to popular opinion, the convenience of computer use comes at a cost that could be ruinous monetarily and health wise if the health risks are not truly acknowledged and properly accounted for.

I am here to inform us all that many are losing their lives and careers today as a result of avoidable consequence of computer use.

I almost became one of the casualties many years ago when I suffered life threatening consequence of computer use the medical profession could neither diagnose not treat.

It took miraculous divine intervention to save me.

I was taken through the human machine user manual we call the Bible or Scriptures and the code of our being revealed to me. I began to understand the various violations in computer use and the repair kit put in nature by our maker who knew we would come to this point and already prepared a way for us to escape self imposes annihilation.

With my understanding in hand I went back to my doctors who worked with me monitoring me as I went through the healing process provided by our maker.

As I began to heal, I began to appreciate what others were going through with understanding and realizing I had been save so I could help others.

To this end, I searched scientific journals and papers for ways of putting what had been made known to me in a way others could easily understand.

I have written 15 books to date on the subject of computer use induced heath conditions. and I am currently on my 16th which will be a guide book for understanding the effect of computer use on mental health  A complete list including cover photos and purchase links to our Estore for each book is provided in our Book Gallery.

All the books are available at amazon .com in print and in Ebook format for most ebook readers including kindle, Sony,  Apple, Ipad, Kobo,  Diesel, Baker-Taylor, Library Direct, SCRIBD, Flipkart, Page Foundry and so on..

Here is a list – some are reguar length books and some are short books.

1)      Lessons I Learned the Hard Way: How to Identify, Minimize, Treat and Manage Computer Related Health Condition

 2)      Computer Related Health Condition: Understanding the Human Computer

 3)      Healing Juicing Smoothie and Milk Shake Recipes: Juices, Smoothies and Milk Shakes that Help the Body Achieve its Self Healing Process

 4)      Healing Meals Recipe: Meals that Help the Body Achieve its Self Healing Process

 5)      Cyber Bullying: How and Why Bullies operate

 6)      Global Epidemic: The Human Abuse of the Computer

 7)      Computer Use Addiction and Withdrawal Syndromes: What You Need to Know

 8)      Teenage and Adult Texting Addictions: What You Need to Know

 9)      Allergies, Asthma and Computer Use: The Contributory Effects of Computer Use to Allergies and Asthma Trends

 10)  Computer Use Induced Stress: What You Need to Know

 11)  The Health effect of Video Games: What You Need to Know

 12)  Eyes, Vision and Computer Use: How You can Protect Yourself From Technology Use Induced Harm

 13)  Obesity and Computer Use: What You Need to Know

 14)  Water, Dehydration and Computer Use: Learn How to Protect Yourself

 15) The Health Effect of Computer Use on Women: What Every Woman Needs to Know

Long term computer use will either be a curse or a blessing the choice is ours to make as indiviuals, families, organizations and as a nation. There are responsibilities at all levels.

Computer use will always hurt because the computer use environment is contrary to our natural coded way of operating as humans.

For example we do not normally look at the sun our naturally coded light for reading to read but we do so when using the computer.

We are currently in danger of becoming a generation of malfunctioning human computers i.e. we are putting ourselves at risk of needless self destruction due to self imposed ignorance as a result of the fear of the truth and inability to appreciate the priceless nature of human life.

We have begun to look at fellow humans as equipment and a means of generation more money and mistakenly treat others and ourselves as replaceable money machines.

Many complain that this attitude took a leap to unimaginable heights a few decades ago in our technology dependent environment and wonder what happened to make people so mechanical.

This attitude that many of us complain about unbeknown to us, is one of the consequence of the biochemical depletions inherent in computer use.

Our penchant for procrastination, loss of empathy and increased tendency for self pity are also some of the negative effects of these depletions.

Do you know for example that computer use can lead to iron deficiency and its myriads of complications including kidney, liver, behavioral, cognition and heart related problems and so on that have no detectable cause?

These are only a tip of the iceberg of the medical issues people are facing today that are not normally linked to computer use and are consequently routinely misdiagnosed.

Many today are on an ever changing cycle of medications prescribes for myriads of ailments that never seem to have a solution.

That is because computer use induced health condition symptoms resemble those of many other commonly known ailments and are routinely misiagnosed for the ailments they resemble.

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