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The World is at a wired life Precipice and We are all Dying

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In 2014 as a miraculous survivor of life-threatening computer- use related health conditions the doctors could neither diagnose nor treat I set up 2 websites and

Why did I do this?, To provide urgently needed information to a world in self-annihilation from preventable computer- use related health conditions. Everyone I met who was referred to me had been misdiagnosed and was suffering from life-threatening conditions such as autoimmune hepatitis, various cancers, heart problems, diabetes digestive issues, Life-threatening iron deficiency symptoms and ailments, fibromyalgia, and other pain-induced complications.

Others had carpal tunnel and tendonitis, and so on. The common thread in all of them was that they had all been misdiagnosed and were being given drugs that made things worse. They now had other health issues they did not start off with as a result of the treatment they received,

This was all very frustrating to me as I had written 15 books available at which were all slow despite the need for the information provided. I had also been interviewed on a few small radio shows as the networks were not interested. I could not get through. You had to spend a lot of money on publicists to get through regardless of how urgently needed your information was which I did not have.

The few publicists I could afford were not able to breakthrough and no one responded to my phone calls or emails or forms filled on their website.

I noticed that libraries, researchers, and other academics were the ones doing the limited purchase. The ordinary people on the streets were not but their healthcare cost was rising, quality of life was shrinking.

In a bid to improve things, in 2021 I decided to convert the 2 websites to membership websites to encourage more people to get access and to provide funding for advertisement and I started a business advisory service to try to reach people through their pockets. We needed to revamp the website and started in October 2021 but got stuck due to financial challenges and have had to stop our seminars and other activities until the funds are available for the many fixes required.

Finally, in 2022, I started a podcast aptly called Precipice( in acknowledgment of the precipice edge environment the world is in right now in every sector – health, finance, environment, peaceful existence, and so on. Nothing is working as the fundamental effect of computer use on our thinking, decision making, and mental and other health issues has to be addressed before anything can work. It is a race against time to properly educate everyone about where we all truly are at.

In 2014 Governments, corporations, and individuals were all complaining about healthcare costs, everyone was complaining about climate change, financial crises, and so on but no one could link it to the mental and other health issues inherent in computer use. Those who could did not realize it could not be medicated away and that the computer use culture meant that every system connected to our lives had to change to sustain that culture.

This is 2022 and we are still at the same spot. Things have gone incredibly worse and not better with human-induced pandemics, unprecedented levels of violence, civil polarization, and so on. The current path is unsustainable. The healthcare costs for example cannot be sustained. Now we have inflation and other financial crises. How is anyone going to survive? We need an urgent intervention that is available through the information provided to me by our maker in my time of crisis which I know I am meant to share with everyone else so each person has a chance to choose to live or die.

The most frustrating part is that most of the solutions are freely available in nature and all we need is to accept that we have a maker who calls the shots and that we humans are limited and that true economic success can only be achieved when things are done as coded by Him alone. We need to make changes such as diet and lifestyle changes but not just any kind of changes, They must be targeted in the right way to meet the body’s needs. For example, it is not just eating healthy, It is eating healthily specifically to provide the specific nutrients that are most heavily used up in computer use.

This is not a matter of 40 years of research. It is a reversal of our way of thinking. We currently believe everything including what common sense tells us must be researched and everyone half-dead before we make changes. And because we are just human computers and not our maker God our research is faulty providing faulty results.

We fail to acknowledge that our understanding is limited to what we can see physically which is the weakest part of the human machine. The unseen part governs the operation of things in nature and those parts are under the direct authority of our Maker and the code he has put in place which no research can reveal or alter. What we think we are seeing in many instances is not what we are seeing but because we want to be right we proclaim knowledge we do not have and lose many lives due to experimentation and our determination to solve everything by medications contrary to the coding of our being.

We fail to acknowledge that the food is the medicine coded with our bodies and food is meant to be taken whole and without alteration, as we are coded systems which means the processes are cast in stone.

Obviously, this is a huge venture that requires massive public re-education in all areas of life. It is one that must be done if we are to survive.

I have had limited funds for marketing and initially did not fully understand the challenges involved. I threw what money I had at things but got poor results. I paid out marketing fees to publicists who because of the subject matter were unable to make any headway. I needed a large budget to be able to make a way.

It would take millions of dollars to achieve the required result but because that kind of money cannot be raised on this platform we have limited our target to $120,000 to begin the process. $20,000 will be for operations such as hosting, emailing services, campaign services, PRO plugin renewals and purchase, recording equipment, new computer, and so on.

I want to use $100,000 as an advertising budget to hire an online SEO marketing company like to assist with the systems we need to put in place to achieve an online presence that can be built upon as more people get to know what today’s precipice edge world is facing. Most are just concentrated on their jobs and paying their mortgage or rent and feeding their families and are frustrated with everything not understanding that there is a fundamental underlying reason that they can actually correct to give them a better outcome in life.

Everyone is scared of what the future holds with all the violence a lot of which unbeknown to everyone is directly related to our current computer use culture which we have failed to implement the guardrails for, due to ignorance.

Please donate to help us make a difference in a world on the edge and in desperate need of the help we are able to provide and become a member of our website system and invite others so we all as a community on the earth help each to tie our boots and truly become each other’s keeper an act of love that is a true value proposition that the earth that carries us and our maker can accept and bless.

This is a “must share with everyone I know on social media and elsewhere” type of donation drive. We all stand to gain if we succeed and we all stand to lose if we fail.

Even if you do not care about others please join us by donating so you can be okay. You never know whose life will cross your path today or in the future who needs the information we are providing so they can function properly and have a positive effect on your life when your paths do cross.

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