Healing Foods

What foods are Healing Foods? Why and how are they healing foods? How do we eat such foods and how frequently should we eat them. These are some of the questions this page will provide some information about. There are individual pages that provide detailed information about each category of healing foods and the links to those pages and information on how to access those pages are all provided on this page.

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From our user manual for dwelling here on the earth we call the Scriptures we are informed of the foods humans are coded with to keep us healthy on the earth.

We are provided with this information several times in the manual. First, when the script of the code of nature is revealed, we are told to eat fruits and vegetables with the seed in them. This is key as the life of the fruit or vegetable is in the seed. It is the seed that is sown and that becomes the plant.

Consequently, when we eat unseeded fruits normally supposed to be seeded, we are eating lifeless food with health consequences.

One of these consequences is the possible development of sicknesses and diseases such as diabetes which some have developed from consuming seedless grapes. The seedlessness changes the composition of the sugar.

Fruits and vegetables are the first healing foods we are given with the instruction that they should be seeded.

After the flood and humans became exposed to more direct sunlight leading to the need for more iron to handle the exposure, humans were instructed to consume animal protein as the iron in them is more readily bioavailable.

This was given as the only reason for shedding blood – for the purpose of food only.

Subsequently, throughout Biblical times humans ate animal protein but these were 100% grass-fed as the script of the code that instructed humans to eat seeded vegetables and fruits instructed animals to eat only grass.

Below are Gold member pages that provide more details about the various healing food that fall into the various categories. This list will continue to grow.

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Understanding Water as Healing Food

Understanding The Air as Healing Food

Understanding Sunlight as Healing Food

Grass-Fed Protein

Wild Caught Protein

Wild Harvested Foods


Whole Grains

Healing Roots

Healing Barks

Cage Free-Roaming Poultry Meats and Eggs

Wild Grain Proteins

Healing Snacks

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Tropical Fruits


Healing Breakfast

Healing Teas

Healing Beverages

Healing Soups

Juices/Smoothies/Milk Shakes

Apart from the foods themselves, the utensils and cookware, as well as storage ware, are all important. Avoid plastics,  Teflon and other dangerous materials used to provide the convenience of non-stick. Good Heavy-duty steel is actually non-stick by nature. It and glass are about the best cooking pot material. Avoid aluminium and other heavy metals.

African Traditional iron pots are very good especially if you have iron deficiency. These are available in African countries. Clay pots are another healthy alternative