Cage Free Roaming Poultry Meats and Eggs

Here is a list of Cage Free Roaming Poultry Meats and Eggs to eat for daily healing. Eggs are highly nutritious packed with a high level of easily bioavailable protein, lecithin, etc. in a form that the body can easily absorb and use as is

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Birds allowed to roam freely outdoors as designed by our maker produce eggs with the composition of nutrients as designed to be used by the body and so are more nutritious and healthier than caged. Birds were never designed to be caged for egg

production. They are designed to be outdoor animals that yield eggs for our health. The art of walking outside picking the eggs is good exercise.

When caged, the lack of exercise and close social interaction with other birds affect the quality of eggs produced. This in turn affects its nutritional and neurotransmitter quality for humans.

Cage-free is also not all equal. Some cage-free birds are kept exclusively indoors with inadequate sunlight and no way to forage in the soil naturally. These are not as good as those allowed outside exposure.

Some birds have several acres of land to roam over. These are the best of the cage-free birds and are classified as pasture-raised.

Always get the best available to you that you can afford.

  1. Chicken

  2. Turkey

  3. Pheasant

  4. Ducks