Healing Meals

Give you body and that of your other family members what they have been craving for – naturally food sourced nutrients to  enable effectively carry out their daily body repair functions. Our bodies were created to self heal.

The Healing Meals Recipe Book contains over 50 meals. There are both regular and vegetarian meals.Try any of these meals. There are over 50 different meal recipes in this book.

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In this book there are:

  • Breakfast Recipes

  • Lunch/Dinner Recipes

  • Side Dishes Recipes

  • Soups Recipes

  • Sautés Recipes

If you have any kind of health issues going on in your life, these recipes should help.Remember it is not only the ingredients that are important, how you cook them is also important.

It is best to eat whole grains and other foods that have not been tainted with toxic chemicals from herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertilizers and genetic modifications. Surely for example untainted calcium is better than tainted calcium

Contrary to popular belief our bodies find it difficult to breakdown these toxic chemicals which then results in cell malfunction. If chemicals that are developed in the lab and used to produce things like plastic, computer chips and so on are not biodegradable in nature surely it is reasonable to expect the lab formed chemicals used in pesticides, herbicides and so on to be undegradable in the body too.

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A natural health specialist had this to say about the recipes  

“a vast majority of health conditions, these recipes could provide immense health benefits and would improve your immune system function resulting in general health benefits.”

 Dr. Lanre Adetula, ND

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