Immune Boosters



Immune boosters are key to obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This page will be regularly updated to contain a list of food types that can daily boost your immune system. A link will be provided to the relevant page. Please note that food is not the only thing needed to boost your immune system. Please go to the following pages on to learn more. If you are able to access this page you are either a current member of  or a gold member of and have complimentary membership of

Table of Content

  1. General Information about immune boosters
  2. Daily system Healers for your immune System 
  3. Cumulative Powerhouse Seeds
  4. Cell renewal Vegetable
  5. Roots that store reserve resources

General information about immune boosters:

The immune system is the powerhouse of the human-computer and determines our ability to live fulfilling lives. When there is an immune system issue i.e. the problem arises from a compromise of the immune system making it impossible or difficult for it to provide the protection and processes the body needs for daily living, the only solution is through food. Food is the source of the nutrients that enable the organs to function. Inadequacy in foods is the reason for more than 90% of our health issues.

When the immune system is compromised fighting sickness and diseases and infections become difficult or impossible. In fact for infections take place in our bodies, because the immune system is not at the level needed to prevent that particular infection.

Viruses for example target the immune system and must bring the immune system down to a particular level before infections can manifest. Consequently when we say someone is asymptomatic. It means that person’s immune system is at a level that the body is protected from manifesting an adverse effect from the invading virus or other pathogen and so the body can safely eliminate the enemy without personal damage. It is however possible to spread whatever it is that has tried to attack the body to other people who do not have the same level of immunity. We have seen a lot of this in the current COVID 19 pandemic.

Eating the right food must be coupled with exercise especially stretch exercises because we all do much seating, adequate water intake, and abundant access to sunlight and rest and sleep time especially at night (stress is a major immune system compromiser) For comprehensive information please become a member of our parent website or if you are a member visit the immune system page for all the various factors that affect the immune system and find solutions beyond for. provides only information on food.

Why do we need all these things? The answer is very simple, The Human-computer system like every other system is coded therefore it follows a set pattern of processes that requires a set level and combination of resources to perform its various operations. These levels are predetermined by our maker and coded in the human and work as coded.

Daily System Healers for your Immune System: These food items are roots and so they have direct access to the soil and therefore absorb all the nutrients they carry at the most potent levels. They can be termed super immune busters and are indispensable to your immune health.

Because they are so strong, They should be taken every day in very small portions e.g. cut a very small slice off a clove of garlic and refrigerate the rest. A small clove of garlic can take daily consumption of many days to be totally consumed. Do this for onions and ginger. You should also let your doctor know what you are doing.

If you have a cold or flu or COVID 10 or malaria or cancer or any other sickness or disease you can take your small slice up to 5 times a day. 

Raw Ginger is a very strong powerful blood thinner maybe more so than any prescription drug. You will begin to feel the benefits immediately it touches your tongue, your lungs, and your heart will immediately feel better.

When it comes to pain management. The combination of these immune boosters is a very potent medicine. Please go to Pain foods for more information




African Ground Red Pepper/Cayenne


Medicinal Sweet immune boosters: When foods can be taken in large quantities raw, our maker makes them sweet so we know we can eat them raw in large quantities. . These immune-boosting foods are some of the most potent anti-cancer foods These foods include

Fruits such as oranges, mangos, Pineapple, Berries (especially mulberries/blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries), Melons, Cantelopes, Water Mellon, Kiwi, and so on

Sugarcane, Organic Beets, Monk fruit, dates, figs, and so on

Wild harvested Honey 9Harvested in the bush from beehives naturally built by bees from the mud without human intervention

Organic Whole Grains such as Barley, colored rice (such as black, pink, wild, and brown rice), Whole wheat

Immune boosting seeds: These can be consumed as seeds directly or ground and taken as tea or beverage or added to sweeten other foods

Cumulative powerhouse seeds: These seeds can be eaten raw usually ground and added to other foods. these include Pumpkins, Chia seed, Flaxseed, Cacao sees fresh from the pod, Moringa


Pumpkin seeds

Chia seeds

African Melon seed (Egusi) – This seed needs to be cooked os a stew on its own with ground peppers, onions and ginger and herbs or cooked with vegetables

Immune boosting sea sourced herbs/vegetables




Water Cress

Grass-fed animal protein

Grass-fed cow meat, Milk/Cheese/Butter

Grass fed Lamb meat, Milk/Cheese/Butter

Grass fed Goat meat, Milk/Cheese/Butter

Naturally, Cage-free raised birds:





 Mushrooms especially Shitake, Maitake, Reishi, and so on

Beef organ parts especially, the heart, kidneys, liver brain, skin, and intestinal parts (tripe), Fish, grass-fed beef goat, Bison, and lamb meat

Pheasant, rabbit, and wild game

Organically grown Seeded Fruits: In ouLemon, Apples, Fruit Pear, Oranges, Tangerine, Berries, Papaya, Pine Apples, Moringa

Organically grown Vegetables:



Collard Greens,



Bitter herb/leaf (this very powerful medicinal vegetable is native to West Africa and they have been consuming this food for thousands of years right back to the time they were known as their original identity as Jews/Israel/Hebrews/ children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and they were even commanded to eat this bitter vegetable as part of the Passover meal when they were coming out of Egypt. They needed a major boost because of the journey ahead, They have never stopped eating it)


Mustard Green

Dandelion Leaf.

Wild grown vegetables



Herbs:: These very powerful medicine also serve as food taste enhancers especially when cooked with other foods







Ways to consume immune boosters

  1. Smoothies/Juices 
  2. teas/beverages
  3. Cooked into a stew to eat with rice, bread, or any of the immune-boosting roots
  4. Raw where possible. Remember to keep the quantity consumed raw each time very small each time. You can eat these foods many times a day.