Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

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To be a long-term computer user forever ahead of the curve in technology use without endangering one’s health one must understand and manage the health hazards inherent in computer use. Read this book and get it into the hands of your doctor.

The computer is an indispensable tool but there are health consequences to its use including many behavioral and organ function issues.

When after over 20 plus years of intensive computer use as an IT and accounting Professional, Adetutu Ijose developed life threatening health issues, she learned the hard lesson of the health effect of computer use.

These conditions take a long time to fully manifest and give warning signs for many years before a fully system breakdown occurs. Adetutu could not get any help from the medical profession, and had to turn to the scriptures where she found the answer she needed. She had to come up with her own diagnosis and treatment.

Adetutu searched worldwide medical and scientific journals for ways in which she could present what she had learned from the Bible to others in a way they would understand. That is what is presented in this book with over 100 scientific and medical journal citations Avoid becoming a casualty of computer use.