Living the wired life can hurt You Blog

Living the wired life can hurt you. Your health could really take a nosedive due to ignorance about this issue. In fact everyone is hurting today though many are unaware their feeling of ill health and other symptoms including recurring dental respiratory, heart, pancreatic and other problems are the result of the fact that the stress to the nerve network inherent in computer use is not one the body is naturally coded to handle.

The body being a self repair system automatically seeks to draw attention to itself when the human operating the system carries out activities that violate its natural code of operating as a human machine.

Many a time we are unable to discern what our bodies are telling us because of misconceptions about the safety of our activities from incomplete or wrong information we receive and just assume to be right.

I will call the myriad of ways in which living the wired life can hurt you the number 1 health issue of the 21st century. Everyone and every part of the body can get hurt. That is because living the wired life primarily hurts you at the biochemical level. Potentially hurting the body’s messaging and operational systems at its very core.

Today’s norm of living the wired life is ruining careers and in many case costing lives without a recognition that it is the root of the problem. Other more commonly understood reasons are usually attribute by both computer users and their doctors for the various ailments they come up with. Many have taken medications that instead of improving their conditions made everything worse.

Consequently living the wired life must be embarked upon with knowledge rather than today’s ignorance if one is to live life in the 21st century without devastating consequence to personal health.

The adage knowledge is power is perhaps truest with regards to the fact that living the wired life can hurt you. There are however little available source of information. That is why I have set up this website where you are reading this blog  – There are also free articles  to provide you with valuable information as well as 15 books in our book gallery.

This website has been set up to plug the gaping hole of ignorance destroying many lives and provide hope for all. You do not have to continue suffering going from one medication to the other wandering what is wrong with you, fearful for your life.

You can direct your doctor to this website too. Come back for more information. This is just an introduction to this subject and website.

Together we can reduce the ignorance of people and save lives. Share this blog with all you know and love.