Teenage and Adult Texting Addictions

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Sending text messages by cell phones has become the choice of communication employed by most teenagers and many adults in today’s world.

Less talked about is the fact that it has now become an addiction for many with consequent health effects many do not associate with their insatiable desire for texting.

This issue becomes worrying when the issue of sexting (the art of sending naked or near nude photographs by text) and cyber bulling are factored in.

Cell phone manufacturers have not been unobservant of this trend. However instead of trying to bring attention to it they have exploited it providing ever new ways of entrenching the addiction and making it difficult for people to achieve responsible use of text messaging service the way it was intended to be when first introduced before the desire to make higher profits even at the cost of destruction to people’s lives got the better of corporate business decisions.

This book Teenage and Adult Texting Addictions, addresses the issue of texting addiction from all angles providing all with important information many are unaware of in order to provide an opportunity for all to bring back some control into their lives and avoid unnecessary self-destruction.

Texting is a good cell phone feature that allows the user to avoid placing the phone near their heads it can easily however become a tool of self destruction if efforts are not made to bring moderation into its use.