Water is Food

Water is food for daily living. This may sound strange but read on to see how we have underestimated the daily healing provided in the nutritional qualities of water.

Most people will admit that without water we cannot live on the earth as the human body is mostly water.

Many would consider dehydration a very serious situation that could be life-threatening.

Many however do not consider water as food. Water to most people is something you drink and more or less a pass-through element that enables other things to be absorbed into the body.

Water is also however food and indeed one without an alternative or supplement. Water food can only be sourced from water

Have you noticed that many people have been able to survive on water alone on hikes or when fasting? Some plants need only water to grow and do not do as well when soil is added.

This is evidence that the various nutrients absorbed from we generally classified as food have a water version that acts as the means that enable the other forms to be absorbed. Consequently, the supply of these nutrients in water is limited which is why survival without other food sources is limited.

We can see that water food is light food compared to others and has 2 functions. It acts as a binder that nutrients from other heavier or more abundant sources can bind to for absorption.

Secondly, it acts as an emergency standalone nutrient source in an emergency situation. The heart discerns the difference between the 2 and dispatches the neurotransmitters required for each type of nutritional requirement as needed

Water cannot be corrupted. It cannot die. That is why we can purify and distill water and get pure water. The purest waters incubate the earth and its heavens and all that dwell on it. That is the way our maker has chosen to create the earth in love. Every part of this creation takes care of the other parts in love and cohabit in peace.

Water certainly operates in love, connecting all parts of creation together. It allows itself to be used to carry other kinds of food all-round the body through its activity in the bloodstream.

It hydrates every cell lovingly and enables the nerves to send messages all over the body.

Humans mistreat water using it for unintended purposes called research e.g. in developing GMO foods contrary to the natural way of water being the catalyst for successfully natural multiplication of cells that is called growth.

Water does not complain and ask humans for why it is being abused by humans and made to cause malfunction and disease and death when manipulated by humans for dark reasons.

Humans generally do not consider that water has rights and should only be used as designed.

If we did we would have avoided a lot of pain and sorrow on the earth. We would not be developing GMO foods or viruses or other germs as a way of getting the information we do not know how to deal with as it is not gained as authorized by our maker.

We invariably use water any way we want without thinking of the effect on water as a living being.

Everyone loves water but most people abuse its show of love and humility.

Water food is pure and unadulterated. It comes from the water itself and not from something in the water that has bound itself to it so it can be carried along.

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It is dangerous to take nature for granted as we have to account to our maker who has put is here to take care of it and the bodies he has given us.

He has lovingly coded the various systems to achieve his own purpose.

As the owner he has every right to design everything to achieve his own end purpose and does not have to disclose to us things we want to know as knowledge of those may be destructive to is a curiosity takes hold of our minds.

If we learn to love our maker we will leave him to do the heavy lifting as is required in such a complex coded system as nature and just enjoy the ride.

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