Wild Caught Protein

Wild caught protein such as seafoods carry in them many healing nutrients and herbs unique to seawaters. These nutrients are what keep these animals and plants alive and healthy and get passed on to us when we eat them. These nutrients are not available or if they are not in the specially created for our maker intended when we eat the farm-raised versions.

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Table of Content

  1. Fish

  2. Prawns/Shrimps

  3. Lobsters

  4. Crabs

  5. Other Sea Foods

  6. Fresh Water/River Foods

Fish – Salmon, Trout, Sea Bass, and all other wild-caught sea fish. The head and the skin are particularly super nutrient holders. To enjoy the head first eat all you can get of the meat and the skin then break the skull bones, get out the brain. And eat that and also the eye membrane and so on.

Then dry and roast the gills in the oven and eat that too. Chew on the bones left and get all you can. The leftover should be crushed bones. You can add that to compost to improve the soil you use in planting your homegrown vegetables.

This way there is no waste.

Prawn/Shrimps: Natural scavengers that eliminate waste. Eating them provides the body with waste eliminating nutrients not known to mankind as well as good bioavailable iron and other minerals needed by the organs especially the kidneys.. Wash and dry the scales and fins and the long sensors, crush them, and add to soups.

Lobster: Scavengers. Eat them the same way as prawns/shrimps

Snails and all other crustaceans: These are found in swampy areas of the tropics. They are full of anti-cancer nutrients. They were initially classified unclean by our maker but when my ancestors got to the land beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, the Levitical priests were instructed to allow the people to consume these foods (The Levitical priesthood is the only priesthood authorized by our make. All changes were channeled through them. Though instructions could come through prophets, the priests have to be operating in their position as intercessors for others such as prophets and herbalists to receive.

This is missing in today’s world. We have tried to replace this natural process with research based on unauthorized human destructive activities. Consequently, our research never ends in true healing. We only create new problems. As the earth’s system is coded, things only work as designed by the maker.

Everything else is confusion and chaos). These foods must be thoroughly cooked and seasoned before consuming.

Crabs: They are also highly medicinal and were declassified by the Levitical priests when my ancestors got to the land beyond the rivers of Ethiopia. To learn more about the Benin Empire continue to visit this page as a link will soon be provided to a course on this subject.

Other Sea Foods: There are innumerable kinds of edible seafood. Eat only that which is harvested or caught directly from the seas and oceans around the world avoid human intervention-derived versions.

Fresh Water/ River foods: There are many kinds of fish available in freshwater naturally. This should have been one of our best sources of protein. The only problem is that today most of the rivers in most countries are heavily polluted with chemicals and antibiotics no one can remove or even detect.

The main evidence of the pollution is the fresh river fish and other lives In them. They are all now corrupted. Many have become hermaphrodite fish with both male and female sexual organs in them as a result of excessive estrogen and testosterone from chemicals that find their way into the water. Many are diseased in myriads of ways many of which are not detectible to humans.

Consequently, human greed and evil wickedness in the name of research have poisoned some of the only means of getting the very healing we are looking for. Be careful with regard to fishing and eating fish caught in local rivers and other freshwater bodies and manmade lakes.